Internship in India for computer science students 2017 guide

Abhinav Duggal (Quora User)

With my personal experience, I can say that an internship at Adobe ATL is one of the best bets you are going to get at a research intern in India. There is an amazing level of flexibility, and a daunting level of responsibility that you carry as summer interns.

You are given a challenging area of Computer Science and you are expected to come up with a problem statement from that area, for what we call the Problem Defense (I am not sure if the format is different now). You have to understand that focus is more on coming up with a problem rather than how you solve it, which really lets you explore a lot of exciting work with infinite freedom. And again, there is a considerable amount of freedom on how you choose to implement the solution to your problem.

I cannot stress this enough, but Adobe’s intern is probably the only one where you will get a very realistic chance to file Invention Disclosures after 10 weeks of work. Not to mention, research papers (I had 2 invention disclosures and an IEEE research paper from the 10 week work). And a great add-on is that you can choose to carry forward the work to your institute as your final year project with a buddy from Adobe along with your Prof.

And yes, the stipend is very good, the food is free!

Yaun Jiang (Quora User and Airbnb data scientist)

There are plenty of opportunities! You just have to look in the right places 🙂 Many companies won’t have the position “Data Science Intern” listed on their website the same way that Software Engineering internships are listed. The best way is to contact a recruiter directly or have someone who works there refer you. And the best time to apply is now! Here is a current list of companies that are hiring data science interns for summer 2015 (in alphabetical order):

And lots more

Sahil Dua (Quora User)

From India, this is how you can get an internship at Google.

1) Find someone working at Google India who can refer you there. You can look for your college alumni who are working there. Or you can Search on LinkedIn for Nooglers you may know via mutual friends and can get introduced/referred.

2) Once you get referred, HR team will review your resume and your academic background (this matters only if it’s too bad).

3) If they decide to interview you, they will inform you within 2 weeks and ask you to tell preferred date/time for the interviews.

4) In general, there are 2 interview rounds for internship at Google India, however this may vary candidate to candidate.

I hope this much information is enough to take you to the interview stage. If you have any other specific queries, let me know in comments.


Personal experience on Internship in India for computer science students 2017 guide

If you are determined about your career and want to achieve something in your life, You need to work for it. It doesn’t matter if you have average academic record. You can survive with it and land in one of the prestige companies. You just need to stay focused and hit it with complete you.

I personally went for my summer internship in Spain before my 3rd year even started. I went through many online portals to explore the best guides available for ‘Internship in India for computer science students 2017 guide’ but there is nothing available.

I just followed some simple steps and cracked getting an internship in a well-known university in Madrid, Spain. You can also follow these following rules.

  1. Linkedin profile.
  2. Contact some professor for research labs or employee for a company internship.
  3. Compose a message about yourself and your skills and ping them.
  4. You will get 90/100 rejections, but If you got lucky and have a good skills set you the reduce the failure rate.


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Internship in India for computer science students 2017 guide

Internship in India for computer science students abroad guide

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